Saturday, December 3, 2016 0511 Crews were dispatched this morning for a reported structure fire. Chief 21-1 (Dill) confirmed a working fire and upgraded the box to a 1st Alarm. Crews from Engine 21 laid 1700' of 5" supply hose down the lane from Route 225. Crews from Engine 21 and 26 made an attack and contained the fire to the original fire building. Truck 20's crew ventilated the roof and provided scene lighting and overhaul assistance.




Thursday, November 17, 2016 1618 Engine, Truck, and Tanker 20 were dispatched to assist at the scene of a structure fire on Armstrong Street in Halifax. Truck 20 positioned on Third Street and laddered the building and went to the roof to ventilate. Engine 20 crews assisted with stretching handlines form Engine 29-1 to the rear of the building of origin and protected exposures to the west and extinguished visible fire to the rear. Tanker 20 dropped the porta tank and dumped water to support water supply operations.




Thursday, November 17, 2016 1319 Units were dispatched for a reported rubbish fire that was spreading. units arrived and found a fire spreading into the mountain. A 2 1/2" leader line was stretched 200' and then an attack line was connected from the Tanker. Attack 20 positioned and deployed two preconnected handlines and a booster line and set up a supply line from the tanker. Attack 26 arrived and assisted with raking a line around the fire area and extinguishment. Engine 201 responded with manpower and also provided water. The fire was held to an area approximately 50' X 100.'




Monday, November 14, 2016  Today members of the fire company spent the day removing caps from the fire hydrants and installing new adapters to all 158 hydrants in the Millersburg/Upper Paxton Township area. The adapters were installed to convert the fire hydrant thread to National Standard Thread, which is a common fire hose thread. The Millersburg Fire Company has used a thread known as Pittsburgh Thread since the installation of fire hydrants in the early 1900's. The "Special" thread required the use of adapters which sometimes slowed down water supply operations. The fire company applied for, and was granted a 2016 Dauphin County Gaming Grant to change the fire hydrants and the fire apparatus to National Standard Thread. The first part of the project was done today with the installation of the hydrant adapters. In future weeks we will work on adapting the fire apparatus. Today volunteers worked throughout the day which accounted for approximately 140 man hours in total.




Fred Dill Photo

Fred Dill Photo

Friday, November 11, 2016 1530 Units were dispatched for a reported structure fire on Pottsville Street in Wiconisco. Truck 20 was dispatched as part of the initial alarm. Units from Company 23 arrived to find smoke and flames visible from the rear and roof of the building of origin and extension into a neighboring structure. Truck 20 was positioned on the front of the building and made the original roof ventilation and then went into defensive operations flowing water on the fire from the aerial device. Engine 20 was dispatched to provide manpower to the scene. Crews assisted with extinguishment and overhaul.




Thursday, November 3, 2016  Firefighter Jay Whitcomb completed Army Basic Training yesterday at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Several fire company members (Jamie Etzweiler, Ashton Snyder, Branson Smith and John Shaffer) made the trip to attend the graduation ceremony. Jay will move onto Technical training for 31 weeks of helicopter mechanic training in Newport News, VA. Good job Jay and Good Luck!




Monday, September 5, 2016  Millersburg Fire Company crews responded on two different calls on Labor Day. The first response was a mutual aid call to Halifax Township, Box 29-4 for a motor vehicle struck by a train. Engine 20 arrived and assisted with patient care, transfer to the EMS unit and scene security until released by Command 29. The second call came for a natural cover fire on Isle of Q Road in Upper Paxton Township. Crews from the Attack and Tanker extinguished fire caused by a downed power line.




Friday, September 2, 2016 14:14 Company 20 was dispatched for a reported skid loader on fire off of Paxton Drive in the area of Loop Road. Units arrived and met the caller who stated the loader was burning and was up the mountain. A column of smoke was observed and Chief 20 requested Attack 26 with the Gator and additional brush units. Lieutenant 20 (Grimm) was assigned to stage units on Paxton Drive. Attack 20 proceeded up a logging trail towards the top of the mountain and arrived at 14:43 with a fully involved skid loader with minimal extension into the woods. Crews from the Attack used water sparingly to contain the fire to the skid loader. A 20LB Dry Chemical extinguisher was used to attempt to knock down the fire. Chief 20 requested staging send the Gator loaded with available Dry Chem extinguishers and Brush 62 up to the fire. Crews coordinated attacking the fire with dry chems and extinguished the fire with 3-20LB Dry Chems and 500 Gallons of water.




Wednesday, August 31, 2016  Crews responded to assist on Box 216-1 with a brush fire in the area of Pleasant View Road in Jackson Twp. Attack 20 responded with five and assisted with establishing a perimeter line and fire extinguishment. Crews operated for approximately two hours.




Sunday, August 7, 2016  The Millersburg Fire Company #1 again provided support for the 10th Annual running of the Tour de Millersburg. The race this year was conducted on Saturday, August 6th and Sunday, August 7th. Volunteers assisted with operating the Emergency Operations Center; manning traffic control points; providing medical aid station and medical coverage at multiple points during the various races; and provided ice and water to the race committee for distribution. Planning started months ago and the staff of the Emergency Operations Center, that was operated out of the firehouse, controlled communications equipment and communications between race volunteers and emergency response personnel. EOC staff tracked the assignment of the paid EMS coverage for the event and then volunteer fire company personnel were used to fill openings. The Millersburg Fire Company was assisted on Sunday by the Berrysburg Fire Department with the escort vehicle duties following the pods on the road race course. Utility 20 and Attack 26 followed the various pods to provide for rider safety and medical assistance in the event of an accident. Each vehicle was manned by a volunteer EMT from the fire company. The fire company takes great pride in supporting the various community events conducted throughout the year with our dedicated volunteers.



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