Wednesday, February 22, 2017 02:02  At 02:02 hours this morning, the Truck and Engine were dispatched to assist Company 21 (Elizabethville) with a working structure fire (Box 21-1) at South Market and Callowhill Streets. Both the Engine and Truck companies assisted with overhaul efforts after initially staging in manpower. The Truck remained at Station 21 to standby until Truck 22 (Lykens) went in service. The Engine was the last of our units to return in service at 03:49 hours. Photos courtesy of Charlie Wertz and Seth Lasko Photography.




Thursday, February 9, 2017 11:15  Engine 20 and Rescue 21 were again dispatched to a vehicle crash with entrapment/confinement at 11:15 on Route 147 North (Box 205). Chief 20 (D. Snyder) arrived to find no entrapment or confinement and no injuries Rescue 21 was placed in service and the event was cancelled very soon after at 11:31. 




Thursday, February 9, 2017 09:45  Engine 20 and Rescue 21 were dispatched to a vehicle crash with possible entrapment or confinement at 09:45 this morning just north of Tarry Hall Road on Route 147 North (Box 205). Further details were given that the driver was uninjured but could not get out of the vehicle. Upon arrival Chief 20 (D. Snyder) reported that an SUV was on its side along the side of the mountain with extremely icy conditions. Rescue 21 was downgraded to class 3 (non-emergency) and then cancelled when the patient was able to exit the vehicle. Engine 20 arrived and assisted Fire Police with traffic control until the tow company arrived.




Tuesday, January 31, 2017   The officers and members offer our sincerest condolences to the Zankiewicz family on their loss of Fred Zankiewicz. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Millersburg Ambulance Association as Fred faithfully served the Ambulance Association and our community for over 30 years. We stand ready to offer any assistance.





Sunday, January 15, 2017 08:46  Engine 20 was dispatched to assist Company 21 (Elizabethville) with a reported crash with entrapment/confinement in the area of North Church Street and North Kentucky Drive in Washington Township.  While enroute, Chief 21 (Dill) advised that two patients were unable to exit the vehicle and suffered no injuries.  Upon arrival on scene, the Engine crew was advised that the patients were extricated and could return to service.




Saturday, January 14, 2017   The members of the Millersburg Fire Company were kept busy on this day by answering four calls throughout the day.  

The first call (Box 20-1) came in for a medical assist for lifting on the 200 Block of Walnut Street at 10:41.  Initially, the Utility responded with 3 personnel and upon arrival Command 20 (Chief C. Snyder) determined that Truck 20 would be needed to assist.  Truck 20 arrived with additional personnel and extrication of the patient was completed.  

The second call of the day (Box 29-4) was dispatched while crews were finishing at the lift assist call at 11:22.  The Boat and Special Unit were dispatched to Halifax Township at the boat landing for a report of boats in distress on the Susquehanna River in the area of Girty's Notch.  Upon arrival, Command 29 (Chief W. Pottiger) released the Boat and Special Unit as the boats were no longer in danger.

The third call (Box 20-3) was dispatched for a crash with injuries in the area of Huntz Road and Landfill Road at 18:19.  Chief 20 (D. Snyder) arrived to find no injuries and assigned the Engine to stage at the top of the hill as EMS made a further assessment.

The fourth and final call (Box 20-7) was dispatched at 19:10 for a fire alarm on the 400 Block of Summers Road in Upper Paxton Township.  Chief 203 (C. Snyder) reported a malfunctioning alarm system and had the Engine and Truck stage at the end of the driveway.  Crews were released a short time later. 




Sunday, January 8, 2017 0658 Box 201 was dispatched this morning for a reported structure fire, the caller reported fire and smoke in the attic. Chief 20(Snyder) responded and requested county upgrade to a 1st alarm, upon arrival Chief 20 confirmed a working fire in a wood frame duplex with heavy smoke pushing from the attic. Command was passed to Chief 201(Koppenhaver) due to Chief 20 participating in an active search of the structure with Lt Grimm and Firefighters Smey and Hirsch. Engine 20 laid hose from the hydrant at North and Church Streets. A handline was advanced from Engine 20 into the one side of the structure from the north side of the structure and Truck 20 caught the hydrant at Center and Church Streets and positioned on the front of the structure and advanced a line into the other structure. Truck 22's crew operated from Truck 20 opening the roof and crews from 21 and 29 assisted in making a direct attack and held the fire to the attic. Mutual aid companies from Halifax, Elizabethville, Berrysburg, Pillow, and Lykens all worked together and safely controlled the situation and prevented further damage of the contents by tarping interior contents. During the incident temperatures were around 14 degree's.




Sunday, January 1, 2017 12:15 Units were dispatched today to MYO Park to set up a landing zone for Life Lion. Crews assisted with transferring the patient from the EMS unit to Life Lion for transport.




Sunday, January 1, 2017  The Millersburg Fire Company #1 responded to a total of 199 calls during 2016. There were a total of 139 calls in our primary response area with 57 of these calls being EMS related. The call breakdown of the 139 primary response area calls, 64 of the calls were in Millersburg Borough and 75 in Upper Paxton Township. There were 60 Mutual Aid responses to surrounding communities; the Millersburg Fire Company received Mutual Aid into our area 10 times. Volunteers contributed 1809 man hours to emergency responses thru out the year and countless hours to training and community events. The top 10 responders for the year were: John Heckert 157; Vince Heckert 147; Doug Snyder (Chief 20) 134; Branson Smith 131; Mark Koppenhaver (Chief 201) 129; Sean Grimm (Lieutenant 20) 116; Joe Smey 109; Gene Crosby 105; Jamie Etzweiler 100; and Terry Spotts 100. The fire company applied for a Dauphin County Gaming Grant and the Office of the State Fire Commissioner Grants and were able to receive approximately $85,000. This money was used to purchase new fire hose and adapters to convert all fire apparatus and hydrants to National Standard thread, this project is ongoing and should be completed by February 2017. We look forward to providing outstanding service to our community and surrounding areas in the coming year. We are always looking for volunteers that wish to serve the community, if you are interested in volunteering, you are urged to call the firehouse at 692-2121 (leave a message if no one answers) or stop by and pick up an application. We thank the community for your continued support.




Sunday, December 25, 2016 1758 Units were dispatched this evening for a reported two vehicle accident at Route 25 and Charles Road. Chief 202(Hardy) arrived to find one pickup truck on its side into a telephone pole with the driver confined and a SUV with multiple occupants into a yard. Command 20 requested an addition of Rescue 21 and additional EMS units to assist. Engine 20's crew stabilized the pickup truck and removed the rear window and windshield to gain patient access. The patient was removed thru the windshield opening and transferred to EMS and Command cancelled Rescue 21. Crews assisted PSP at the scene until the vehicles were removed and the roadway reopened.



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