Monday, November 27, 2017 02:46 Engine 20 was dispatched to assist the Herndon Fire Company in Northumberland County with a working structure fire on the 400 Block of Main Street. The Engine responded with 7 and arrived on scene with instructions to relieve firefighters from Pillow who had been on scene for some time. Captain Grimm took FF/EMT Smey and FF Smith to side Bravo to continue extinguishment efforts and transitioned into overhaul. Lt. Lenker took FF Acker and FF Judy to side Delta for the same task. At the time, it was unknown whether an occupant had still been inside the structure which made overhaul all the more important. It was later confirmed that all occupants were accounted for. The Engine crew was released at approximately 06:00. Great teamwork was exhibited by firefighters from 4 different counties working together! Photos courtesy of Seth Lasko Photography.

Command : Chief 63 (Gilligan)
Units : Dauphin units: Engine 20; Rescue 28; Tanker 26, 27, 28