Thursday, May 18, 2017 Congratulations to all of our award winners at this year's banquet.

Judd Hirsch received the Jake Lehman Award for the senior FF of the year which was presented by Linda Lehman (Jake's wife), Gage Sutton (Jake's grandson) and Mark Koppenhaver.

Joe Smey received the Moonie Grim Outstanding in the Field of Training award which was presented by Sandra Snyder (Moonie's daughter), Doug Snyder and Matthew Snyder.

Ashton Snyder received the Jack "Yogi" Bachtell Award for Unsung Member of the year which was presented by John and Karen Heckert.

Finally Seth Lenker received the Sparky Welker Award for going above and beyond for the company. This was a special award for him as he is the grandson of Sparky and was presented by his mother (and daughter of Sparky), Anita Lenker.

Congrats to all our award winners this year as well as all of our members on making the past year a successful year! A special thanks also to Jeff Lenker for making these impressive awards for us!  We also would like to thank the West Shore Bureau of Fire for standing by in our quarters while we enjoyed the evening.

 Our 2016 Award Winners

 Judd Hirsch, Jake Lehman Award

 Joe Smey, Moonie Grim Award

 Ashton Snyder, Jack "Yogi" Bachtell

 Seth Lenker, Sparky Welker Award (with
      Anita Lenker)

 Engine 2-13 West Shore Bureau of Fire in
      our quarters