Wednesday, April 19, 2017 09:40 Engine 20 was dispatched this morning to the 300 Block of South Market Street (Lenkerville) for a reported vehicle crash with entrapment or confinement. Additional information from Dauphin County Communications indicated a single vehicle into a house with confinement only. Upon arrival, Chief 20 (D. Snyder) reported the vehicle had struck a parked SUV and deflected off it striking two more parked vehicles. The car then struck a nearby house which caused a support column to be knocked out. Engine 20 and Engine 201 arrived with crews assisting the removal of the driver and packaging for the Millersburg Ambulance as well as cribbing the the porch for support. Engine 29-1 was initially dispatched but cancelled shortly thereafter. Thanks to Seth Lasko and Branson Smith for the photos.

Command : Chief 20 (D. Snyder)
Units : Engine 20, 201, 29-1