Saturday, March 25, 2017 10:06  March 25, 2017 10:06 - Engine 20 was dispatched to assist Company 21   (Elizabethville) with a crash with entrapment.  Command 21 assigned the Millersburg crew to a vehicle on its roof with a single patient trapped inside.  The crew split with two operating the spreaders and cutters, another with patient care and another with stabilization.  Extrication was completed and the vehicle secured with liquid hazards having been mitigated.  Crews then moved to assist with freeing a second victim.  Five injuries were reported and four were flown from the Upper Dauphin High School and Halifax Fire Station.  We assisted with clean up at the scene until placed in service at 11:41.  Great job by both Millersburg and Elizabethville crews!  Photo courtesy of Seth Lasko Photography and Doug Snyder.

Command : Chief 21-2 (Crosby)
Units : Engine 21, 20; Rescue 21; Utility 21; LifeTeam EMS, Millersburg EMS, Halifax EMS, Williamstown EMS, LifeLion, Life Flight