Thursday, February 9, 2017 09:45  Engine 20 and Rescue 21 were dispatched to a vehicle crash with possible entrapment or confinement at 09:45 this morning just north of Tarry Hall Road on Route 147 North (Box 205). Further details were given that the driver was uninjured but could not get out of the vehicle. Upon arrival Chief 20 (D. Snyder) reported that an SUV was on its side along the side of the mountain with extremely icy conditions. Rescue 21 was downgraded to class 3 (non-emergency) and then cancelled when the patient was able to exit the vehicle. Engine 20 arrived and assisted Fire Police with traffic control until the tow company arrived.

Command : Chief 20 (D. Snyder)
Units : Engine 20, Rescue 21, Fire Police 20, PSP, Ambulance 201