Sunday, January 8, 2017 0658 Box 201 was dispatched this morning for a reported structure fire, the caller reported fire and smoke in the attic. Chief 20(Snyder) responded and requested county upgrade to a 1st alarm, upon arrival Chief 20 confirmed a working fire in a wood frame duplex with heavy smoke pushing from the attic. Command was passed to Chief 201(Koppenhaver) due to Chief 20 participating in an active search of the structure with Lt Grimm and Firefighters Smey and Hirsch. Engine 20 laid hose from the hydrant at North and Church Streets. A handline was advanced from Engine 20 into the one side of the structure from the north side of the structure and Truck 20 caught the hydrant at Center and Church Streets and positioned on the front of the structure and advanced a line into the other structure. Truck 22's crew operated from Truck 20 opening the roof and crews from 21 and 29 assisted in making a direct attack and held the fire to the attic. Mutual aid companies from Halifax, Elizabethville, Berrysburg, Pillow, and Lykens all worked together and safely controlled the situation and prevented further damage of the contents by tarping interior contents. During the incident temperatures were around 14 degree's. Command : Chief 201(Koppenhaver)
Units : Engines 20, 21, 26, 29-1; Rescues 21, 28; Trucks 20, 21; Ambulance 201, 202; FM1