Sunday, January 1, 2017 The Millersburg Fire Company #1 responded to a total of 199 calls during 2016. There were a total of 139 calls in our primary response area with 57 of these calls being EMS related. The call breakdown of the 139 primary response area calls, 64 of the calls were in Millersburg Borough and 75 in Upper Paxton Township. There were 60 Mutual Aid responses to surrounding communities; the Millersburg Fire Company received Mutual Aid into our area 10 times. Volunteers contributed 1809 man hours to emergency responses thru out the year and countless hours to training and community events. The top 10 responders for the year were: John Heckert 157; Vince Heckert 147; Doug Snyder (Chief 20) 134; Branson Smith 131; Mark Koppenhaver (Chief 201) 129; Sean Grimm (Lieutenant 20) 116; Joe Smey 109; Gene Crosby 105; Jamie Etzweiler 100; and Terry Spotts 100. The fire company applied for a Dauphin County Gaming Grant and the Office of the State Fire Commissioner Grants and were able to receive approximately $85,000. This money was used to purchase new fire hose and adapters to convert all fire apparatus and hydrants to National Standard thread, this project is ongoing and should be completed by February 2017. We look forward to providing outstanding service to our community and surrounding areas in the coming year. We are always looking for volunteers that wish to serve the community, if you are interested in volunteering, you are urged to call the firehouse at 692-2121 (leave a message if no one answers) or stop by and pick up an application. We thank the community for your continued support.