Monday, November 14, 2016 Today members of the fire company spent the day removing caps from the fire hydrants and installing new adapters to all 158 hydrants in the Millersburg/Upper Paxton Township area. The adapters were installed to convert the fire hydrant thread to National Standard Thread, which is a common fire hose thread. The Millersburg Fire Company has used a thread known as Pittsburgh Thread since the installation of fire hydrants in the early 1900's. The "Special" thread required the use of adapters which sometimes slowed down water supply operations. The fire company applied for, and was granted a 2016 Dauphin County Gaming Grant to change the fire hydrants and the fire apparatus to National Standard Thread. The first part of the project was done today with the installation of the hydrant adapters. In future weeks we will work on adapting the fire apparatus. Today volunteers worked throughout the day which accounted for approximately 140 man hours in total.