Monday, April 11, 2016 00:06:31 Box 29-4 was dispatched for a reported structure fire in a mobile home on Tourist Park Road. Chief 29 requested a First Alarm be dispatched upon additional information. Engine 29 and Engine 20 arrived and Engine 29 proceeded to lay 800' of supply hose up the driveway and Engine 20 established a water supply using Tanker 20's drop tank at the bottom of the driveway. Manpower had to walk into the scene from apparatus staged on Tourist Park Road and a tanker shuttle was established. The home and its content's were a complete loss. Command : Chief 29 (Pottiger)
Units : Engine's 29, 20, 21, 216; Tankers 29, 20, 21, 216; Truck 20; Rescue 21, 2 (Perry); Air 35; Ambulance 13-1; PSP