Unit : Original Apparatus

Year : 1922

Model : American LaFrance and Ford

Purchased in 1922 to replace the hand drawn carts, these were the first modern motorized fire apparatus for Millersburg.  The American LaFrance Type 48 Triple Combination Pumper, Serial# 4135 was purchased for $9,500 and had a 600 gallon tank.  ALF Records indicate that this pumper was Shipment Order 76388 and was shipped on 3/24/1923.  It was sold in 1948 for $250 when it was replaced by D200 and D201.  The Ford was a Chemical Hose Wagon that served until 1929 when it was replaced with a new American LaFrance Type 91 Foamite Engine.  ALF Records indicate the Type 91 Foamite Engine was Serial# L-319, Shipment Order 25972 and was shipped on 3/14/1929.  This picture was taken on May 30, 1927 at the Memorial Day Parade.